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ValSystems is a privately owned company. It was founded by Valentine Williams O., and has constantly been growing at a very fast pace. It is located in the heart of fast growing northeastern New Jersey, (Clifton), which is about fifteen minutes drive from New York city.

Valentine currently leads the organization. Valentine's background has provided him with the knowledge, experience, vision and leadership needed to guide ValSystems and its core staff in this exciting time. Valentine obtained a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Vesalius College, Brussels and Master in computer science from Montclair state University, NJ, USA. As an undergraduate student, he was a seasoned soccer player and team coach at various times, during which time he acquired a lot of leadership skills and team approach to job execution. Valentine worked for various IT startup companies after his graduation from college before venturing into entrepreneurship by launching ValSystems.

ValSystems' goal remains to provide "Quality, Convenient and affordable services", to our customers through our highly motivated and qualified staff. We believe our customers should be treated with dignity, kindness and courtesy, with a sense of value of the customer's time. The needs of our clients come first, and their ultimate satisfaction from our services is our goal. At ValSystems, we offer a whole range of services ranging from supply to branding. Over the last few years, ValSystems has used its partnership with various companies to expand beyond the shores of USA.  We currently work directly with various factories in USA, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam and China to manufactures our products.

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